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Our Mission

Tikvah LeNoar supports the healthy development of Jewish children and adolescents and their families by engaging in prevention campaigns and interventions. 

Our Support

Tikvah LeNoar also provides advice for any question concerning the well-being of Jewish children and adolescents in Switzerland.
Tikvah LeNoar supports and intervenes in possible cases of abuse. We assist directly and discretly and find individual solutions for psychological, social and legal matters. Tikvah LeNoar coordinates between families or schools and experts of the corresponding fields. 
Tikvah LeNoar also supports investigations and legal persecutions of alleged abuse financially.

Our Support

With the bullying prevention circuit for Jewish schools Tikvah LeNoar created a prevention tool that is available to all Jewish schools. It contains 7 stations with 3 panels each, a teacher’s manual with useful informations, instructions and ideas for additional games and many worksheets.  

  • Self esteem

  • Feelings

  • Limits

  • Secrets

  • Help

  • Action

  • My body (optional)


Bullying Prevention Circuit
Anti-Mobbing Parcours

Tikvah LeNoar organises a national safety week together with Jewish communities and Jewish schools, in which aspects of safety of children and adolescents are being discussed.  

National Safety Week

Partner of the national safety week 2018 were:

Jüdischer Kindergarten „Marcus Cohn“, Basel
Verein jüdischer Kindergarten, Basel
Jüdische Primarschule Leo Adler, Basel
Jüdische Primarschule „Beis Sefer“, Basel
Jüdische Mittelschule, Basel
Jüdischer Kindergarten der ICZ, Zürich
Jüdische Schule „Noam“, Zürich

National Safety Week

Tikvah LeNoar offers training for all groups of people dealing with children and adolescents (i. eg. parents, teachers, pediatricians, etc.)
Additionally Tikvah LeNoar produces material, that may be used by schools or in therapy.

BigSister Zurich

Tikvah LeNoar supports the BigSister Zurich mentoring-project, in which elder girls accompany younger ones on a regular. The group is coordinated by adults and gets professional coaching. 

Publication & Audio

Tikvah LeNoar produces information material for selected groups of people. Some of our workshops and presentation were recorded and are available here:


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Tikvah LeNoar – Jewish Child Services Switzerland
Pfeffelstrasse 34, 4055 Basel

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